Meet Untold Brewing, Part 2: The Team

I’d rather be lucky than good, and in the case of finding a dynamic duo who are both incredibly talented and also crazy enough to start this venture with me, I was unbelievably lucky. Having these two around allows me to sleep soundly every night because I know our brewery and our beer are in good hands.

I met Kristin a long time ago when I was just 2 years old and my parents gave birth to her. I didn’t have much say in that one, so I consider it to be all luck. She’s smart. She’s savvy. She’s my sister. And she’s in charge of our marketing efforts as we work towards getting our beer into your hands.

Kyle and I also had a fortunate introduction when we both started our brewing careers at the same time in the same place. Our brewer training overlapped, so I got to know him really well during many brewery shifts together. He’s an incredibly passionate and intelligent brewer so having his talent on our team is very lucky for the brewery as well as our customers.

When we open our doors next year, I hope everyone will meet Kristin and Kyle in person. You’ll be happy you did. But until that happens, here’s the quick and dirty on all of us…

Kristin Greene, Co-founder and Director of Marketing, Untold Brewing.

Kristin Greene, Co-Founder/Director of Marketing
Kristin was raised in Scituate and has had a long and winding road of a career. She started out as a (struggling) actor in New York City and eventually moved into the marketing world, working first for the New England Patriots and then Google, where she spent the past 8 years. The one thing that has remained constant over time is her love of craft beer. Now she's ready to put her marketing skills to use to spread the good word of Untold Brewing to her fellow beer lovers. She'll do that through managing our website and social media, and working hard to ensure our taproom is a fantastic place to hang out and drink great beer.

Kyle Hansen, Co-founder and Head Brewer, Untold Brewing.

Kyle Hansen, Co-Founder/Head Brewer
Kyle was one of those kids who was constantly asking questions. His insatiable curiosity often drove his parents and teachers insane. Lucky for us, by this point he knows a lot about a lot. With a strong science background, he'll cover the analytical side of the brewing process (recipe formulation is as close as he’ll ever get to “art”). Kyle is also quite the jokester, likely learned from his bartending days, and has a joke for pretty much everything. Now if only his memory were a little better…

Matt Elder, Co-founder and Brewer, Untold Brewing.

Matt Elder, Co-Founder/Brewer
As for me, I’m a Scituate native and started my journey almost 3 years ago when I became a brewer. During that time I worked at the award-winning Georgetown Brewing Company learning more than I possibly could have imagined. I’ve been dreaming of opening a brewery for many years and can’t think of a better way to prepare myself than the path I chose. I love all styles of beer, but the quickest way to my heart is with a big, boozy imperial stout.

So that’s us, the brew crew…the guardians of the gALEaxy…the grognosticators (okay, that’s enough). Once we’re open, I hope you all will come down to chat with us and give us the opportunity to get to know you. And whenever you see me smiling at the brewery or around town, it’s mainly because I get to work with this team. They are going to be a huge reason why our beer and brewery will kick ass.