Meet Untold Brewing, Part 1: The Beer

“Stop trying to make everyone happy all the time. You’re not beer.”  -A brewer (probably)

In all of our excitement over getting this brewery open, we’ve been ignoring a very important subject in our blog posts so far: the beer.  While I’m sure most of you are fascinated by things such as our floor plan, permitting, and state distribution laws, my guess is you’re probably more interested in what you’ll be able to drink once we’re open. So let’s actually talk beer!

Untold Brewing beer

When people ask me “What types of beer will you brew?” I usually give a quick and straightforward answer – we’ll make the types of beers we like to drink. It’s a vague answer, but I feel like this is at the crux of our brewery. I mean, why on Earth would anyone spend their time and energy making beer they don’t want to drink themselves (a question probably more appropriate for Anheuser-Busch)? So at Untold Brewing we’ll typically brew something that we really want to drink (sorry pumpkin beer, you’re out).

But what types of beer do we like to drink? Well, that answer isn’t so straightforward. We are currently in the golden age of craft beer. Never in the history of brewing have consumers had so many choices from so many breweries. In fact, the United States is currently approaching 5,000 breweries in operation and many Americans now live within 10 miles of a brewery. And believe it or not, there are actually beers being produced other than IPAs (although we really love our IPAs!).

At Untold Brewing, we love trying new beers. Our tastes ebb and flow with the seasons, but they also change when we simply get burned out on drinking the same style over and over. Once open we’ll continue to brew the types of beer we like to drink and those beers will include some delicious variety. We plan on having several year-round beers that we love making and, more importantly, love drinking again and again. This will include IPAs, pale ales, and some darker beers like stouts and porters. We’ll also add some seasonal variety into the mix – light, citrusy, and sessionable beers in the spring and summer followed by complex malt-forward offerings in the fall and winter (sorry pumpkin beer, you’re still out). And we’ll occasionally dabble in some one-off beers that may be experimental in nature but could also commemorate a noteworthy event or special occasion (I’m looking at you, Irish stout). But overall, when you come to Untold Brewing, you’ll have options. Many wonderful, tantalizing, fresh and inspired options!

Although we can’t guarantee exactly what will be on tap when we open, we can guarantee this – no matter what we brew, our focus will always be on making the best, highest-quality beer possible. Not just in our brewery, but in every bar, restaurant, and bottle shop around. Our goal is to make the beer drinking experience a great one every time, no matter what Untold beer you order. Since the day we learned to brew we have taken tremendous pride in our beer and, now with our own brewery, we promise to always put our best pint forward.