Location! Location! Location!

Often I think of the beautiful town     
That is seated by the sea;     
Often in thought go up and down     
The pleasant streets of that dear old town,     
And my youth comes back to me.

-My Lost Youth, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

When I first decided to open a brewery, I talked to a lot of brewery owners to set my expectations. Many of them told me that finding a good location took much longer than they had anticipated and was a huge bottleneck affecting everything else. Well, I can now confirm these statements as accurate.  It was all-consuming for several months, but I am absolutely ecstatic to say that after months of hard work, last week we checked off a HUGE item on the brewery’s list of milestones.  We finally signed our lease for the brewery building! And as a result, I’m returning to the town where I grew up: Scituate, Massachusetts.

The process of finding a location actually started back in mid-2015.  I always wanted the brewery to be on the South Shore of Massachusetts, which is currently underserved by craft breweries.  Plymouth has the largest and arguably best known craft brewery in the region – Mayflower Brewing – but outside of Plymouth there are only a few small breweries in places like Abington, Whitman and Bridgewater.  (Considering the incredible growth of craft breweries in America right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if several new breweries open on the South Shore shortly after I write this, making this blog post immediately outdated.)

There are several practical and strategic reasons why I landed on Scituate for the brewery, but one underlying element kept drawing me to this town: it’s home.  It’s the place where I grew up and it’s the community I’ve always wanted to support when I eventually had the chance.  Nostalgia is a strong, powerful force and there’s an undeniable draw we all feel when it comes to our home. I think it’s the reason a lot of people never leave the place where they grew up and why many of us eventually return.

I was fortunate to work with a lot of people who ultimately helped make this location happen: a great landlord who is just as excited about the brewery as I am; many town officials and administrators who were welcoming and eager to guide me throughout the zoning and initial permitting process; and local family and friends who were instrumental in getting things done in town while I managed what I could remotely.  In the end, I know this lease never could have been signed without the contributions of everyone and I am forever grateful.

I’m currently finalizing the floor plan and layout of the brewery. Once that’s done I’ll provide a much more detailed description of the building, including the awesome taproom which will incorporate an amazing historic building in Scituate (spoiler alert: it’s not a lighthouse). However, I can tell you now that the brewery will be in a beautiful spot in a beautiful building that is a short 5-minute walk from the Greenbush train station.

I'm really excited...seriously, this location is sweet.