Meet Untold Brewing, Part 3: The Brewery

Well that happened quickly. I feel like we just posted our 2016 Year-In-Review and now it’s mid-February. I always wondered why some breweries started a blog and then let it sail off into the sunset, never to be heard from again. Well, now I know – busy happens. And we’ve been busy at the brewery. In our free time, when we aren’t shoveling out our cars and brewing equipment (I’ve often felt like a crusty old man screaming at winter to get off my lawn), we’ve been watching the brewery site slowly transform. And that leads us to the final part of our introduction: the brewery itself. 

If you’ve ever built a house before, you know how much effort goes into the planning and coordination. We know how to make beer, but building houses is way outside of our comfort zone. Lucky for us, we have a landlord who is absolutely fantastic at it. And we are now seeing the fruits of his labor.

Construction begins as the schoolhouse is moved into place. (December 8, 2016)

Production space construction begins behind the schoolhouse. (February 15, 2017)

We have production space walls and a roof! (February 17, 2017)


As far as the physical space goes, we’re pretty freaking excited. We’ve spent countless hours planning the production space to make sure we are well equipped to churn out amazing beer. Our equipment is being manufactured as I write this and so far things are lining up nicely (knock on wood, or maybe drink a wood-aged beer? Same thing?) However, if you’re not someone who geeks out over stainless steel or fluid dynamics, then you probably don’t care too much about what happens in the production space. So, let’s skip the technical tour and get right to the good stuff: the taproom.

As you’ve probably gathered from the previous post about our renovated schoolhouse, we’re stoked about our future taproom. The 165-year-old building will get plenty of TLC over the coming months and soon become a tiny slice of craft beer heaven. The interior of the schoolhouse will be restored to reflect the original classroom as accurately as possible, with a few modern upgrades. It will be a space where people can relax, leave their stress behind, bring their family, meet up with friends, and – most importantly – drink great beer. If nothing else, it will be a space our customers can call their own.

Connected to the schoolhouse, at the front of the production building, will be the other half of our taproom.  Here we will keep our bar where we’ll pour 12 taps daily. There will be additional seating as well as a south-facing outdoor patio to enjoy plenty of warm sunshine and cold beer when the weather is right. 

Finally, the schoolhouse will be used for the many wonderful events we have planned. Envision for a moment the fusion of beer with food, music, art, science, and other things we haven’t even considered yet. We want to make the schoolhouse a place where our community can gather and learn, as the building's students once did, only this time around craft beer will be the primary curriculum.

We still have a lot of work to do, but seeing four walls and a roof on our building is leading to many random high fives among us. As we continue to build a brewery, we will keep our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts flooded with updates, so please follow us and join us on the journey.

Kristin Greene

Untold Brewing, 6 Old Country Way, Scituate, MA, 02066

We're Untold Brewing, a small microbrewery-in-planning that is coming to Scituate, Massachusetts.