Time Shall Unfold

Time shall unfold. It’s a line from Shakespeare’s King Lear that has periodically popped into my mind over the past two years. In the play, the virtuous Cordelia addresses her sisters about their motives, telling them “time will tell.” Ever since I started this venture, I’ve had a picture in my head of how it all would go. It started with selecting an awesome location and then partnering with two incredibly talented and passionate people. Together, the three of us meticulously planned every detail of the brewery, from the brewing process, to the taproom, to the design of each mouthwatering recipe. Every step of the way we’ve tried to do the very best with what we’ve had. So here we are, less than 24 hours before opening our doors to all of you, and I’m smiling. I know how hard it was to get here, but I also know we didn’t cut any corners. And now, time shall unfold as you all have a taste of what we created.

It’s crazy to think this all started almost 2 years ago when we first went before the Town with this idea of opening a brewery. In fact, I wasn’t even there since I was still living in Seattle. Rather, my always-supportive dad – a Scituate resident – did a ton of legwork and on November 2, 2015 presented the idea on my behalf at a packed Town Hall Meeting. Thankfully it was very well-received and passed by unanimous vote in favor of the brewery. And off we went…

  • 1 year ago, after extensive discussions and permitting, we finally broke ground in Scituate on our building, combining the old (an 1852 schoolhouse) with the new (our production building). It was fascinating watching our landlord (and emotional partner in all this) orchestrate the marriage of these beautiful buildings, making them fit seamlessly into the surrounding architecture and landscape of the Greenbush neighborhood.

  • 3 months ago, our equipment arrived and we finally felt like a real brewery. There was shiny stainless steel all around the brewery and although none of it was yet functional, we could immediately envision the tasty beer that would one day emerge from each vessel.

  • 1 month ago, the day before I celebrated a milestone birthday, we brewed our first batch of beer: an IPA named East by Northwest, which pays tribute to our roots and our new home. That beer was quickly followed by 6 others including a brown ale (Rebecca), a blonde ale (Abigail), a pale (The Carpenter), a stout, and two more IPAs. At that point our fermenters, and our hearts, were filled with beer love.

And now we’re ready. So much effort and passion went into this moment. We laughed, we cried (at least I did), and we toiled for 2 years to get here. And I couldn’t be prouder of the final product. The beer is absolutely fantastic and I get chills knowing that we’re only getting started. But please don’t just take my word for it. Come on down to the schoolhouse-turned-brewery on Friday and raise a glass to help us celebrate.


Matt, Kristin & Kyle

PS - As I finish this post, I now understand why blogs that were started by breweries during the early days of planning and construction suddenly vanish as each brewery get closer to opening. With so many priorities to juggle during the final months before opening, the blog quickly falls down the list of competing priorities until finally it falls below the lowest priority – sleep – and in doing so, disappears from the list. So, with that realization, I hereby declare this the final blog post from this crazy journey. It’s been a ton of fun writing about this experience and perhaps we’ll kickstart the blog again one day after opening. But for now, let’s just drink some beer.